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Presenters & Workshop Facilitators 

The Well-Being Festival Retreat is created with the vison of people learning from each other, creating together and gaining knowledge of what can make a difference in our lives & well-being.

Some of those differences can be age old traditional ways. 

And other can be newly discovered ways.

EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST are called for from the following ~

Permaculture and growing food - we can create garden beds onsite as a demonstration of how to get started. 

Wicking beds ~ Seed saving ~ Bush tucker ~ Medicinal weed indentification and best use ~ Cooking demos 

Discussions on Earth, Air & Water are welcome  

Yoga ~ Meditation ~ Breathwork ~ Sound bowl baths

Mens groups ~ Womens groups ~ Sexual health 

Relationships ~ Families ~ Birth ~ Death ~ everything in between and even above us

Drumming ~ Dancing ~ Performance 

Off Grid lifestyles and how to workshops

Childrens Workshops & Activities ~ Creativity circles

If not listed...please inspire me and us all with your knowledge, skills & talents.

Workshops and presentations can run from 1- 4hrs

Presenters can apply and may be accepted for multiple topics or run consecutive workshops over the weekend.

It would be ideal to have you stay for the weekend if possible.  Giving more space and time to connect with people informally.  However, if other commitments prevent to me and lets see what we can work out.

You are welcome to provide a suggested fee you would like to receive for your workshop.   

We will endeavor to meet this fee with ticket sales to your presentation.


Includes 2 nights camping, access to the entire festival.

Once accepted you will be requested to purchase a ticket to confirm your place.

​$120 for presenter

$120 for co presenter or partner

$0 for presenters involved in additional aspects of the festival ~ ie performance, market place etc

Payment goes towards camp fee, administration, marketing and management.

If only able to present for a day ie Saturday or Sunday, please mention this in your application. 


Spreading the word benefits everyone at the festival. You can help spread the word and attract more people in the following ways.

● Please like the official Well-Being Festival FB page

If you have something that we can share about you then let us know about it on the application form 

We are more than happy to promote all presenters & market stall holders on our social media. 

Promoting website links, videos or any other promotional material.

Please share these promotions through your social platforms. 

Reposting, liking and generally sharing the love helps the world go ‘round'

Must hold a current Public Liability policy suitable for the type of workshop offered.

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