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Well-Being Festival Retreat

Well-Being ~ the Balance of Body Mind & Soul
Festival ~ a Celebration of Life
Retreat ~ a Peaceful Haven 

10th - 12th November 2023

               Hosted by Dashville

                            ......a secluded bushland venue

      and campground located at Lower Belford.

Well-Being Festival Flyer insta.png


The Well-Being Festival Retreat is a family friendly gathering on the land at Dashville ~ a purpose built festival venue with plenty of room for camping under shadey trees, coming together to experience, learn and connect in celebration to be living life as well as we can.

Join in on any of the workshops and presentations

Find a practitioner or few in the market place.....

Enjoy great food and live music

At this pivotal time in our existence we are being brought to consider all our options for living well into the future and especially for the generations to come.

Many have heard the call and are already seeking and finding their way to sustaining their health & well-being.  And many more are awakening to finding and seeking their options.

It is my hope and dream to be a catalyst for much needed solutions and remedies for this great change and you are invited to join us on this amazing journey venturing forward in strengthening our communities collectively.

Following on from the success of The Well-Being Fair established earlier this year in Newcastle....I am excited to have this awesome opportunity to create a camping festival over a weekend at Dashville ~ to come together with spaces and platforms created for sharing, experiencing & learning healings from the plant kingdom to professional practitioners offering their knowledge, skills and talents in their chosen field of healing and maintaining balance in our lives.

Presentations & Workshops ~  the call is going out to create inspiring and practical  opportunities to gain insight and knowledge from the beginnings of a garden bed ~ permaculture, biodynamics, bushtucker & medicinals, rituals & practices, drumming, kids workshops & activities, meditation & yoga.  To name a few....

 The Well-Being Market  Place ~ is where you have the opportunity to engage with professional practitioners for body work, well-being consultations, and a myriad of other modalities and products will be available to buy.  

This is the space for some serious nurturing and nourishing of the body and soul.

There will be time to sit and reflect and to connect with others.

And of course there is time for celebration.  The bar will be open in the evenings and we'll be dancing under the stars.

There will be something for everyone!

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