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The Canvas Village

Where groups can gather

for a few days or longer


     Family Gatherings     Intimate Weddings        Retreats


The Canvas Village is 10 Bell Tents accommodating up to 30 people. 

Each tent is pitched with comfortable beds made ready for you

with sheets - doonas - pillows - blankets.  bedside tables -  lights - rugs - entrance mat.

The Bedouin Tent provides a communal space....

Which can be used as a dining area, complete with tables, chairs & stools. 

Or fold them away to have a large covered space for a workshop. 

It can be a lounging space with coffee tables, canvas chairs, rugs & cushions

This canopy is 6mtrs x 5.5mtrs....its a beautiful space

With large mats covering the ground

Solar lighting serving well into the night.

A 3x3 Gazebo creates the heart of the camp....The Kitchen. 

With 2 large camping tables + washup table - bbq + gas cooker - plates - cups - glasses - cutlery and everything you need to prepare, cook and serve food

Ground mat & Solar lights

Optional Cast Iron Fireplace




PRICE ON APPLICATION for The Canvas Village

It can be as simple or elaborate as you require

Every Gathering in The Canvas Village is different

And for different reasons

A conversation about the vision of your Retreat or Event

will allow me to provide you with a quote.

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